06 June 2006

The Eco-Move

Yesterday we moved our boxes to the new flat and managed it without any CO2 but had a lot of fun instead.
For an eco-move you need: reused cardboard boxes, a pulley, a rope, gloves, drinking water, a super-bike, friends & beers.

Check out the video of the Eco-Move here!

Special thanks to:

EspaiBici for lending us their fantastic transporter-bike and to Manolo and Jordi from the Terra Foundation for driving it across old Barcelona; to Sergio for helping with the organising and getting the pulley system working and squeaking, to Leonora for taking the pictures, to Anna, Pierre-Jacques, Ben, Luis and Richard for their hard work and to Albert and Abel from TV3 for their interest… we’ll be on TV! Their series A Ritme de Pedal (to the rhythm of the pedal) the bike as way of transport) starts June 10th every Saturday 8.30pm on TV3.
EspaiBici's Super-Bike

from the old flat to the new flat with TV3

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