27 December 2007

Our Thoughts for the New Year

Thank you to all our readers for sticking with us through 2007. It was definitely an exciting year for us as we finally got to move into the eco-flat lab, as Epi called it. Although a bit slow in posting articles at times, we were able to share some more green achievements with you.

We installed recycled plastic slate in the bathroom, appeared on TV with Silenci?, put down a gorgeous cork floor, reduced our water consumption and installed double glazing, applied real eco paint, hunted down some furniture, started urban gardening and built FSC shelves. All this while eco design became more and more mainstream, big businesses decided to go green(er) and people’s climate change awareness grew drastically not least because of An Inconvenient Truth, Live Earth and Al Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change winning the Nobel Price.

We hope that in 2008 this awareness grows in order to eliminate green-washing and even plastic bags, and make us all more responsible consumers, and that more and more people achieve the win-win-win (for people, planet, profits) scenario by making their business sustainable. On a more local scale, the R3project will look into the most eco-friendly heating system, water filtering systems, cradle to cradle office chairs, analyse our electricity, gas and water bills, find out where our recycling goes and hopefully, throw a huge Open House Party for everyone who has been involved with the project.

A Happy New Year to all of You,

Petz & Sergio

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