14 June 2006

Reusing what we have

Reusing is one of the 5 Rs in eco-design, so before we chuck everything out we are trying to use as much as we can from the flat or find second uses for certain materials.
Here the things we can reuse:

• the bathtub as bathtub
We managed to take the bathtub out of its previous location without breaking it and will now relocate it to where we will put the new bathroom. There was a risk that the bathtub will crack especially when it sits in a lot of cement but try to convince your builder that it’s worth a try, not just for the money but to avoid unnecessary landfill.

• the floorboards as shelves
The floorboards from the previous bathroom turned out to be quite nice wood (in need for some loving care) and we are thinking of using it as shelving.

• interior doors and windows as furniture
The little window belonging to the previous bathroom can be easily restored and used as cupboard doors for example on self-made furniture. Big doors and be made into tables, shelves,…

• wooden french windows and doors
These we will restore, fit with double glass and add insulation. This way we keep the original aesthetics and save the material.

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