12 March 2009

Recycled Car Tire as Flower Pot

We like plants and although we have little space for them, we manage to fill up the balconies with greenery, such as our urban vegetable garden by Leopoldo. For our Kentia in the living room, we found these cool flower pots made from recycled tires.

The pots are flexible and shock-absorbent which makes them particularly suitable for children playgrounds. The black round pots come with holes in the bottom for water drainage and are very durable. They have been designed by Catalan designer Curro Claret and are locally produced by Zicla, where our recycled bathroom tiles are from. The flower pots cost 25€ and the smallest size is 30 litres; 20 cm high and 40 cm diameters. More information on zicla.com.

Photo by Stefano Buonamici.

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