17 July 2007

A Green & Tasty Balcony with Leopoldo

Since this month we are the proud owners of an urban vegetable garden. Leopoldo’s clever tubular structure of anodised aluminium and growing trays of waterproof artificial raffia make it possible to grow your own herbs and vegetables in the city. The advantages (apart from it looking gorgeously green) over the classic flowerpot are that you can grow on 2 different heights (saves space) and that it has wheels (can be used indoors and outdoors depending on the season). Pep from Leopoldo suggested to start with growing herbs (mint, basil, thyme, etc.) and edible flowers but strawberries and tomatoes are also happy citizens of this 100% recyclable product. It comes in an easy to self-assemble kit and is produced entirely in Spain. You can buy it in various shops around Europe or online. Prices range from €45 to €150. 4 different sizes are available of which the small version (XS) is a fusion product together with the Barcelonian company Vaho, who do Trashion (fashion out of trash), and are famous for their recycled PVC bags.

We specifically love using our Leopoldo as an experimental veg-lab by planting all sorts of things we come across. Last year Anna, Sergio and I planted Nispero trees (or Loquat apparently in English), a weird Spanish fruit unknown to me before I moved here.

For Leopoldo, it’s about much more than growing tomatoes on a balcony. They know that having a garden "makes life a little bit nicer, funnier, happier" and are currently introducing horticulture into home, schools , elderly people’s homes and various psychiatric homes where Leopoldo is assessor and supplier. “The application of gardening as a therapy is deeply-rooted in many countries. By caring for vegetable and reaping the fruits, people with physical and mental disabilities can obtain great emotional benefit.”

For more information check out the Leopoldo web site.

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