25 January 2007

Recycled Plastic Slate in the Bathroom

We got them to stick, the slate imitating tiles made from recycled plastic.

This has been quite an experiment we’ve done with these imitations of slate that so far have only been used to cover roofs, but not in interior design. (Read previous article here)
We are proud to announce a second use for this high quality eco product. Quite a few people send us tips on how to attach them to the wall and Fabian, our Master worker at the flat, tried different ways to attach them to the bathroom walls, around the sink and bathtub. The third one worked but turned out not to be very eco-friendly. We had to use a silicon glue to make sure the tiles resist the water and humidity. Hopefully someone finds an eco-friendlier glue but we know they are rare. Despite this we are very pleased with the end result. The tiles are firmly stuck to the walls and look stunning. More than one visitor have been surprised to hear they were not real slate but made from recycled plastic.

A big thank you to the company Zicla, who donated the slate to us so we could try it out.


betsy said...

Where can I find these tiles in the U.S.? rmproofing.net did not work. Thank you.


Petz Scholtus said...

I don't know I'm afraid. It's a very local product and used in Spain, France and other EU countries for roofing...

Maybe someone else knows?