01 July 2008

Eat Local! It is better for you and the environment

We had been looking for quite a while for a local organic vegetable box service like Able & Cole we knew from London. Finally Josep recommended the company Recapte to us, we tried it out and are very happy with our choice.

Here is how it works: Every week (or every 2 weeks if you’re only 2 people like us), you get 10 kg of chemically free grown vegetables and fruit delivered to your home. Recapte even lets you choose what vegetable and fruit you like from the ones available, depending on the season. In every box you find around 10 different products. Last week for example we received beans, potatoes, onions, carrots, silverbeet, lettuce, asparagus, cherries, apples and beetroot.

You can really taste the difference and probably learn to cook a few new recipes along the way. Their gardens are in Lleida (around 180 km from Barcelona), and they deliver all over Spain, using an ordinary messaging service, which means transportation is optimised. 4 boxes cost around 120€ including transport, which equals 3€ a kilo. Prices go down if you order 26 or 52 boxes.

Apart from the better quality vegetables and the fact that they are free of chemicals, we love that they come in a simple recycled cardboard box and are locally grown. This saves a lot of packaging waste and transport emissions. And we get to enjoy the seasons again- right now it’s cherry season here in Catalonia. Enjoy!

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