13 June 2007

Petz & R3project at Renacer, powered by Infonomía

Infonomía, the Spanish network of innovative people and businesses, is hosting their third Renacer (Reborn in Castilian) event on the 5th and 6th of July in Barcelona.

And guess who they invited to stand up in front of 250 (very special) people to prove that ‘eco is possible’? – me! You will be able to try eco products at the event and get quick solutions to live a sustainable lifestyle. I will have the honour to share my slot with Eloïsa Mattheu with whom you can experience the sounds of the forests of the world and, the sustainable experts from Arup and their project of building the first ecocity ever.

But that’s only one part of this unique event that is all about connecting and being up-to-date with what is coming. Alfons Cornella, founder and president of Infonomía is convinced to think of a Rebirth in the organisation; ‘a mix of business, science and art to define a new economic value’. Other speakers include Silvia Langa, a graphic designer who talks about how to be touched by the history of beauty, Sergi Jordà will give a session on his crazy new instrument the reacTable (check out a video here) and Jordi Llompart who observes the diversity of citizens across the planet, to only name a few.

The event is aimed at professionals from the business, science and art sector. If you want to bring new energy into your life and work, come to the Renacer and listen, connect, learn, imagine and discover new ideas and people. All you have to do is sign up at the Infonomía web site to book your place. But please note that the event as well as the web site are so far only in Castilian. The price is €950 for 2 days and includes lunches, a dinner and coffee breaks at the Hesperia Tower in Barcelona. Oh, and Infonomía will compensate all the CO2 emissions of both speakers and audience created for the event with the collaboration of the company ceroCO2. See you there!

July 23rd: You can now see the conference online! (in Castillian)

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