31 July 2009

Recyclable Glass Dinner Plates

We needed new dinner plates and asked ourselves which ones are the most eco-friendly; Ceramic long-lasting ones? Bamboo ones? Biodegradable throw-away ones that need no water or detergent during their use? Edible plates? Recyclable metal ones? Organic fibre ones? Second hand plates? Of course the aesthetics also play an important role at the R3project, and so in the end we decided to look for glass plates: practical, easy to clean, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and fully recyclable.

Or are they? In theory yes, but as the Catalan Government’s Recycling Agency explained to us, the only glass that is properly recycled through the green glass containers are bottles and jars, in order to make new ones. Because at the moment the quality of glass coming from plates or drinking glasses cannot be guaranteed to be perfect for recycling, the government recommends giving broken glass objects to the special recycling facilities around town, where it can be recycled correctly.

La Mediterranea, a local glass and ceramic factory, even do recycled glass objects under the brand VIDRECO. We preferred however the more simple design, and lower prices of IKEA’s glass plates. MOTTO GLASS plates are 24cm in diameter, made form 100% recyclable virgin glass and microwave as well as dishwasher-safe, and only cost 0,60€ each. They come in different colours and with an extra benefit: For those of us who like working and eating at our desk, you can read your notes through the plates as you work on the next article!

Also see glass in the shower.


Unknown said...

That plate is a paean to multi-tasking.

wsite said...

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