29 July 2008

The Canary Project Visited Barcelona

It was a pleasure to meet Ed and Susannah here in Barcelona a few weeks ago. They are the founders of the Canary Project, a US-born organisation that creates a better public understanding of climate change and motivates solutions towards the same by producing visual media, events, and artwork.

Canary has nothing to do with the islands but rather with the birds that were used to warn miners of deadly methane levels. The Canary Project works similar: it warns us of the severe changes to come by for example photographing changing landscapes. Another of their projects is the Green Patriot Poster campaign, that motivates individuals to act against climate change, with posters inspired buy the imagery of World War II.

Read here what the Canary Project has to say about the R3project, and watch the video to get another glimpse into our eco-flat Lab.

Thank you Susannah and Ed, it was nice meeting you. Come back soon.

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