04 October 2006

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel- and Electicity!

A whole month has gone by but we haven’t been lazy. Apart from a whole lot more research into materials we have finished the wiring.
Fabian Vélez is our man. He did a great job in sorting us out with electricity.
In May we wrote down tips of how you can do the electric installation as eco-friendly as possible. From that list we stuck to PVC free plastic tubes. Fabián used corrugated polypropylene (and hence recyclable) tubes that are also organochloride and halogen free by the brand Odi-Bakar (Durango, Spain). He put them in straight 90° horizontal and vertical lines to reduce the electromagnetic fields but we decided not to eliminated them completely. This is because we feel the flat is too small for that system to have an effect and would only result in a lot of cables, which again isn’t eco either.
If you opt for visible tubing rather than build into the wall, you can use metal tubes instead of plastic casings as well. Becasue we like the slight industrial aesthetics of these we considered having the electric tubes visible but in the end the price decided for us; metal tubes are at least 5 times more expensive than plastic ones.
Now we have to decide what switches, plugs and appliances go on the end of these cables…
If you ever need a good electrician in Barcelona (and speak Spanish), we recommend Fabián: fabianeutron@hotmail.com (Mobile: 686 141 013).

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