03 August 2007

The Never-Empty Shelf, FSC of course

Last week we finished our shelf! As you can see it’s never sad and empty. The boards are MDF made from recycled sawdust from FSC-certified wood. The paint is eco-friendly, more about that here and here. It’s designed by Petz Scholtus.

We chose MDF over natural wood because of the pricing, the fact that we were going to paint it anyway, and for its strength (longevity) and size (trees have limited dimensions…). We know that because MDF contains resins, it’s not the ideal solution from an eco point of view. We came across recycled plastic boards and some made from hemp, but those options are mostly too expensive for a simple shelving application. Manolo from the Foundation Terra suggested using OSB boards because they contain very little resin. In Barcelona however, nobody could guarantee us that the boards were made from certified woods- very dodgy… So we are still looking for an alternative to MDF for our next piece. Please send us your comments! Or maybe we find some old doors we can reuse…

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