05 September 2006

How to apply Zicla’s recycled plastic slate to our bathroom?

The company Zicla (recycled materials for construction) have sponsored us with these fantastic imitations of slate made from 89% recycled industrial waste rubber. It looks very much like traditional slate, is more lightweight, doesn’t break easily, can be cut no problem, is totally waterproof, highly durable and insulating against the cold and the heat. The size: 280 x 240 x 4 mm. Those properties make it perfect to build roofs or to cover façades. We would like to give it a third use however and use it indoors instead of tiles in the bathroom around the shower and sink area. We tested a sample out in the bathroom and the water drops don’t even leave ugly marks on them. So our question to you is:
How would you attach this slate to the wall and have it waterproof?
Please fill in your idea as a comment so we can easily share ideas with all of you. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Try useing rubberised tile adhesive, it works on just about everything.
don't forget to put spacers in between the tiles and the next day use water proof grout according to the instructions on the packet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would think pvc adhesive..I would think the problem is what kind of grout to use as it's normally designed for ceramic tiles... maybe you could try the bathroom sealant stuff and mix some colour into it...are you gonna cut the tiles into different shapes? Amanda

Anonymous said...

how abt some water proof sealant in the joints...besides yu said usin it on the floor it was waterproof...so ain't it the joints treatment really!

Anonymous said...

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