27 May 2006


If you have to wire your flat from scratch or simply want to save energy, here are some basic tips on how to do it more environmentally friendly and healthier by choice of materials, way of installing, safety and reducing the energy consumption.

• use PVC free (hence recyclable) components
• put the wires in straight 90° horizontal or vertical lines. That way you reduce the electromagnetic fields and know where not to put a nail in the wall.
• avoid putting the wires through the main living spaces and next to your bed. Light switches operating with a cord hanging down from above mean you don’t have to sleep so close to an electromagnetic field in case it affects you.
• to completely eliminate electromagnetic fields, use parallel installations for different voltages (220V and 12V) and disconnectors at each base. Each consumption source has an independent wire. That way if you haven’t got anything plugged in nor the light on in any room, no electricity runs through those cables until you switch the first appliance on. This will result in a lot of wires but if you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields it’s a great solution. The company Klaus in Barcelona (web only in Catalan) are specialists in eliminating electromagnetic fields 100% and they use only PVC free materials.
• Plan to switch to solar energy in the future when you have put up those panels by putting independent circuits from the beginning.
• use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances
• turn off electronic devices (DVD players, TV, computer,…) you’re not using and unplug your charger from the wall when you’re not using it.

More useful tips on how to reduce your impact at home via ClimateCrisis.net Thanks Reinder for the tip!
Image: Genius of Electricity by Evelyn Beatirce Longman, 1915.

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amanda said...

thanks for the useful tips.. good to have helpful pointers without having to trawl through a book.. beautiful looking website too