27 May 2006

21 Tips for a Sustainable Home towards Agenda 21

This is a list of what you can do to make your home more sustainable. We will step by step develop these further and look for the best solutions for our flat.
Sustainable Living on an Every Day Basis
1. water consumption
2. energy consumption
3. improve comfort
4. better use of domestic equipment
5. recycling
Sustainable Through Maintenance
6. maintenance of the installations
7. maintenance of the facade
8. maintenance of the roof
9. maintenance of the railings and locks
10. maintenance of balconies and windows
Sustainable Shopping for Your Home
11. electro domestics
12. heating and air conditioning
13. furniture
14. new or second hand eco housing
15. products for the home
Sustainable Renovation
16. construction material
17. thermo and acoustic insulation
18. reuse water
19. renewable energy
20. correct management of construction waste
Last But Not Least
21. Make it all happen!
[via Ajuntament de Barcelona & Collegi d’Aparellarors i Arquitectes Tècnics de Barcelona]
For more information (in Spanish) : Agenda de la Construcción Sostenible

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