27 May 2006

The Renovation that needs to be done

Apart from beautiful beams and French windows in need for restoration the flat doesn't have much to offer yet. So this gives us enough freedom to choose and put the most efficient installations from scratch. The most important eco aspect however is to reuse whatever we can. This means for example restoring the woodwork (windows, doors,...) and the floor as well as keeping the bath tub which is in perfect condition. Unfortunately the plaster walls need to be removed to optimise the space. What else needs doing in general:
• electricity & water installations
• remove & put dividing walls
• fix humidity from soil pipe along the outside wall
• replace the toilet on the balcony (!) with a washing machine
• the bathroom
• the kitchen
• painting
• furniture & products for domestic use
• city garden
• ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is so exiting to follow.......u will soon be the godess of eco-flats! And I will pray for your advices asa I find that place where I will settle down (might be a few years!)